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Flat Rate Prices

Flat rate pricing helps up provide you with the lowest pricing in the industry. Some jobs take longer than others and pricing is based on what we need to do to fix the problem. The biggest issue that we come across is when someone else gets a pump lodged inside the well casing while trying to remove it without the correct tools and knowledge to do so.

Service call and diagnostic service is $150. The pressure tank will need to be regulated, this may solve your issue. If there are still problems we can track it down.

Removing and fixing structures, fencing, other obstuctions and landscaping issues are your responsibility. This helps keep our service pricing down to a minimum. Most people would rather use their own landscaping service anyway.

*Flat Rate Service Prices
1/2HP 4" pump installed* $1200
3/4HP 4" pump installed* $1300
3" pump installed* $1450
Pressure tank installed $600
Pressure switch, gauge replaced & tank service$250
Pit-less adapter, dig up & bring casing above ground**$1000
Convert system from jet pump to submersible***$2200-$2500
Dig up & fix leak at pit-less adapter & replace fitting$650
Dislodge pump from steel casing well$600 upfront cash fee
Clean well - recommended on steel casing $450 + due to difficulty
Clorinate well$150
Water testing services Start at $200
Trench line waterline or drainline$3 per ft
Pipe & wire$4 per ft
Service call & diagnostic $150 - No charge if repair is made (just repair charge)
New Well Drilled
Gravel Well 4" Casing $16/ft (100' min.) $1600+
Gravel Well Screen $200
Grout around casing $300
Limestone Well 5" Casing $18/ft (100' min. but usually go past 100') $1800+
Marion County Well & Pump Permit $100

*Pump pricing includes diagnostic on the whole system, removing the old pump, inspecting drop pipe and wire. Installing new fittings and pump. Cleaning well by pumping the water out until it clears up, before aligning pitless adapter. New F&W pumps come with a 5 year manufacturers' warranty through our services only.
Standard hourly pricing in our industry for 2 servicemen and pump hoist service is $175 per hour. We do not sell our top of the line pumps to the public. The 5 year manufacturers' warranty is only available through our installation services.
**If your well casing is buried or below ground, we have to bring it up to Indiana state code (casing 12" above ground level) when we work on it. We usually only do this if we have to pull the pump and replace drop pipe, wire, and or the pump. These items are an addional fee for what needs to be replaced.
***Pricing is based on locating the existing well and that it can be converted due to it being a 4" casing and that it is accessible. This pricing does not include a new pressure tank. Pricing is subject to change. Any requested estimate is good for 30 days.


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