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How to Protect Your Ground Water:
  • Indiana DNR passed a new law in the Summer of 2011 stating that anyone who works on a well must have a pump installer license. This is to ensure that ground water is not comprimised by someone who doesn't know what they are doing.

  • There are over 35 different pit-less adapters which all are accessed differently. Contact a professional who has 20+ years experience and knowledge of well equipment. You don't want to get the pump stuck or lost down the well, causing the repair to cost more to fix.

  • Check for well casing damage, especially if it is close to a driveway or if someone else mows your grass.

  • The well casing extends 12 inches or more above the ground. This is an Indiana state building code that was implemented in 1988. Any contractor that works on a well that is not up to code, must be brought up to code regardless of whether it is a jet or submersible pump system.

  • The cap is sealed tight. If the area near your well tends to flood, you may want to install a water tight cap for it.

  • Seal abandoned wells properly with a grout compound created just for water well sealing.

IN DNR Ground Water FAQ


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