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Check List

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How to keep your water well system in top running order. Well maintenance check list.
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Check the well casing for damage:

- If the well is located close to a drive way it could get hit by a vehicle or hit by a plow in the winter. It could also get hit during mowing of your lawn, especially if someone else mows it and is not aware of its location. Repairing your well casing as soon as possible is essential in helping protect the ground water. You do not want your drinking water contaminated with polluted surface water.

Unusual standing water:

- Especially if there has been no rain and the ground is wet or has water bubbling up in the yard or around the well. There may be a leak in the waterline. Sometimes if there is a leak it may be visibly spouting from the well. To ensure that the pump does not burn up, shut the breaker off for the pump. You may turn on the breaker use minimal amounts of water but do call us immediately, so that we can repair the issue as soon as possible.

Drop in water pressure:

- Could be a sign of 2 possible problems, either a hole in the waterline or the pressure tank needs maintenance. The pressure tank should be serviced every 5 or so years.

Pump is continuously running or clicking on and off:

- First thing that you want to do is turn off the breaker to the pump so that it does not burn the pump up. You may turn on the pump if water is needed for minimal use. This problem could be caused by a number of issues and should be looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

Dirt or odor in the water:

- Also if you had a water test that did not pass with the health department, we can clean and chlorinate your well to ensure that it will pass. We recommend an additional cleaning process on steel casing wells. Have you noticed an bad odor in your dish washer or washing machine? Chlorinating the well will help. Do not poor bleach down steel casing wells. This will cause it corrode and make it harder to pull the pump.

No water:

- Does not necessarily mean that the pump has gone bad; it may be something very simple. Submersible pumps life average about 10 to 15 years, yet we have seen them last longer. The life of a pump all depends on the conditions it is in, useage and the brand. We regularly install Flint & Walling submersible pumps which carry a 5 year manufactures warranty. Flint & Walling is an Indiana family owned pump manufacturer who has been in business since 1885. They also test every pump that leaves their factory. Most pump companies do batch testing, which means only a small percentage of pumps are tested.


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