About Beaver & Martin well and pump services


Phillip Beaver has been in the water well pump service for about 20 years. He purchased Martin well and pump in the spring of 2010 and moved it from Acton to New Palestine. The business is still family owned/operated and serving central Indiana. We specialize in submersible Flint and Walling pumps that carry a 5 year manufactures warranty. Flint and Walling is an Indiana family owned business since 1885. We specialize in pump, well and pressure tank issues. Our Indiana pump installers license allows us to work on well systems from the well to the pressure tank, but not beyond that. We are able to determine if the issue is another plumbing problem and recommend a contractor to resolve it. We ask that you contact us for well, pump and pressure tank issues. In the past we have been contacted by plumbing and home maintenance companies to correct an issue with the well due to their inexperience. Some wells are constructed with complicated pit-less adapters and if not opened properly may cause more problems. The pump and pipe may fall into the well. If we cannot retrieve or install a new pump, a new well may have to be drilled.


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